WHERE WICKED STARTS (Lacewing Books, 2014)

Elizabeth Stuckey-French and I have co-authored a YA novel, WHERE WICKED STARTS, due out from Lacewing Books/Engine Books in October of 2014.

WHERE WICKED STARTS, set in sleepy Coquina Bay, Florida, is an amateur sleuth — two stepsisters suspect that a girl is being held against her will and they are determined to rectify the situation. But more than that, it’s the story of two girls who aren’t sure they want to be part of a blended family. Their adventure over Christmas break cracks open long-held hidden feelings about what it means to be family, and what it means to grow up and become your own person.

You may order directly from Engine Books or from any retailer. Please ask your library to order copies!

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  1. Takele Says:

    Great session ysreetday, Cathy. The passion and size of the audience shows just how pressing a concern this is, and should be, for teachers of creative writing and administrators of MFA programs. I heard some great ideas for teaching novel writing, but also some rather funky anecdotes about how your panelists’ colleagues teach novel writing. Definitely a good session to learn about what or what not to do. Thanks for putting it together.

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