Friday Night at Silver Star, Graywolf Press, 1986

“In Friday Night at Silver Star, Patricia Henley has staked a claim on our imaginations in a readable and convincing style.”

— The New York Times Book Review




The Secret of Cartwheels, Graywolf Press, 1993

“Patricia Henley writes like a resilient veteran of pain, gently showing us that we can move through it to the affirmation of love. Her delight is the physical world of the earth and the flesh is a spiritual celebration of being alive.”

— Andre Dubus



Hummingbird House, MacMurray & Beck, 1999

1999 National Book Award Finalist in Fiction
1999 Finalist in Best Fiction, The New Yorker Book Awards

“Deeply felt… A heartbreaking book.”

— John Sayles



Worship of the Common Heart, MacMurray & Beck, 2000

“When Henley completes a story, a scene, even a paragraph, she leaves her readers slightly stung, but grateful at the gift of an unvarnished truth. By the end, Worship of the Common Heart doesn’t feel like separate stories. It feels as though you’ve read a satisfying novel, one that lovingly lays bare the story of an aged, weather-worn but still beating heart.”




In the River Sweet, Pantheon, 2002

“A novel unself-conciously beautiful, with a quiet sense of proportion; plus, a good read.”
— The Saint Louis Dispatch

“Henley, who is also a poet, balances long, steam-of-conciousness passages with short, potent sentences to wonderful effect, tilling the familiar ground of sexuality and spirituality with originality and grace.”
— Publishers Weekly


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